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Monday, 18 June 2012

Child's Dolly Carrier

I'd like to share with you what I've been working on for a while. I came across this wonderful picture on Flickr a while ago and absolutely loved the idea. I have an Ergo-style carrier for E and absolutely love it. I would recommend them 100% and IF I ever had another child I would definately go and buy another one (I have no plans so the baby carrier is up for sale!). So, I thought what a great thing to make for the girls to carry their teddies and dollies around in.

I contacted the lovely Kristie who told me that the pattern is going to be in the newest 'One Yard Wonders' book which is currently under construction but would I like to test the pattern? Would I? Of course I would!! I have too much fabric lying around to go out and buy more so I thought I'd use my my stash of needlecord and add some pretty pink (Clarke & Clarke) flowery fabric to it for the pocket. Here are the results. I will update later with S wearing it (she's at school and I've only just finished sewing it):

There are poppers on the head panel so it can go up or down.

The original pattern says to tie the waist straps or add a clip. I am going to add a clip, I just havent bought one yet!

I hope you like it, and if you do, you'll have to keep watching Amazon for the new book.


  1. Love it (will be looking out for that book, sounds good!) On another note, I really didn't get on with my baby carrier so very interested in yours, so if you still have it, let me know how much x

  2. very cute! My little girls were given a doll that came with a backpack carrier - they both love it and will argue over who gets to carry the baby. ha! I am sure your little one will love it as well :)