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Friday, 1 June 2012

The Elle Apparel Maxi Skirt

I've had my eye on this skirt fom Elle Apparel for ages but what prompted me to make a test version was this fabric. Unfortunately I have no time to sew this weekend so I wont get to wear it for Jubilee but i'm still determined to make one in that fabric! I ordered a tonne of navy cotton jersey a while back as I wanted to make an Infinity Dress. The more I looked at the pictures of it though, the more I realised it's not going to look right over my pear-shaped hips! Jersey dresse are not so great when you want to hide certain areas of your body!

So, my test run worked out really well as I hope you agree. I totally know why Leanne said she wore this skirt for many days straight after she made it - it really is comfy (wish I'd found this tutorial when I was pregnant myself!)

I would like to share some pointers though:
  • Definately make the waistband panels 2" shorter than your waist measurement then ease it into the skirt section by gently stretching it to fit. I took the panel in once on each side after sewing the seams and it still hangs round my hips. I'm going to buy some thick elastic and insert that into the waistband to solve that issue on this particular skirt. Problem solved!
  • Also, the tutorial says use a Serger (Overlocker) or elastic thread when sewing the panel into the skirt but I just used a zigzag stitch and it stretches nicely when you put it on. That may be because its a bit big but that'll be solved with the elastic soon!


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  1. Looks great!! Will get on with mine as soon as my fabric arrives! Can't wait to have something comfy and long and vaguely feminine to wear this summer!